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Smoking Electronic Cigarette – is it healthy?

Smoking Electronic Cigarette – is it healthy?

There is a lot of evidence that electronic cigarettes are healthier than tobacco cigarettes, but electronic cigarettes are not healthy for you. No matter how you view the debate, you are still inhaling a foreign substance into your lungs that Mother Nature did not intend to be there. This is not healthy, even though the current evidence suggests that it is healthier than smoking.

Side effects of e-cigarettes

Remember also that people have not used electronic cigarettes long enough for any true, unbiased scientific studies concerning just what the long-term health effects are. In addition to the e-juice vapor, you should remember that you are using a battery close to your head. Who knows what the long-term effects are of having a battery giving off electro-magnetic energy cloase to your head over an extended time.

In addition, most electronic cigarette cartridges contain plastic. Nobody knows what chemicals are given off by them. In addition, what about the atomizer? Does it produce any toxins as it degrades? And how about the factory that makes the electronic cigarette? Do you really know how clean it is? As far as I know, most, if not all, electronic cigarettes are made in China. How can you be sure your electronic cigarette was produced in a clean environment? You can’t. Even food produced in the United States, for which there are many, many health standards, can and do spread disease. You are placing something into your mouth and into your lungs and you have no idea of the conditions under which it was made.

What e-juice is made of?

Finally, e-juice is made of several diferent substances. How do these substances interact and what do they produce when vaped? More importantly, what is the effect of these substances on your lungs? I have found nothing to date to indicate the answer to this. Cigarettes have been around a long time and there has been much research done on their effects, but electronic cigarettes have not been used long enough to be able to answer what effect they have on your health. The bottom line is that those who use electronic cigarettes are the lab rats for future scientific studies. You will have to decide what the risk to reward ratio is for yourself until further studies on electronic cigarettes are available.

The next time you see an electronic cigarette advertisement stating that electronic cigarettes are healthy, do not believe it. They are not healthy.

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