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Natural Ways to Avoid Smoking

Natural Ways to Avoid Smoking

For heavy smokers, to stay away from Smoking is difficult, however, if it is determined to stop it, you can surely end it. Of the various methods that exist.

Here are some simple tips and natural that you can immediately apply to everyday life:

1. Positive Thinking

Thinking clearly the benefits of quitting smoking. For starters, count the money you save each month to year. Not to mention, that will age you can!

2. Spend money for something else

Unconsciously, smoking is an expensive habit. So, treat yourself to the other fun stuff. You deserve it!

3. Find a substitute

Be creative, because every person is different, but here are some suggestions to stop your habit: Take a deep breath count to 10 when she was addicted, eating carrots and celery sticks, or chewing gum.

4. Divert attention

Make yourself are in a pleasant situation to divert attention in difficult times to break away from nicotine, like listening to favorite music, drawing, chatting with a good friend, gardening, walking, sports or even make a cake! Find your own way.

5. Reduce smoking interval

Start with a 5-10 minute delay before the next smoke, and slowly increase the time lag between smoking gradually in accordance with the wishes.

6. Eat, drink and be merry

Be sure to exercise regularly, drink water, and eat right.

7. Remember the garlic and ginger

High Garlic is rich in sulfur and selenium which help attract cadmium from the body (toxic mineral-products of smoking). Garlic is good for the immune system, has antimicrobial and antiviral properties, plus help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Meanwhile, the ginger has antioxidant properties and stimulates digestion and circulation better.

8. Try the herbal way

Natural herbs can reduce the craving. Many are turning to natural ways, take a holistic approach to stop smoking.

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